• Are all contacts or only some contacts deleted from the phone?
  • There are some ways to get it back.
  • You can recover contacts on Android phone using Google Contacts app and website.

 Since phones have the feature of saving phone numbers, no one will get into the habit of keeping contacts. But, accidentally deleting contacts from smartphone can be a really frustrating experience.

Below are some tricks to recover contacts from one’s phone accidentally, or some intentionally deleted contacts if needed later. That is, you can restore contacts on Android phone using the Google Contacts app and website. Contacts can also be recovered using the iTunes application and the iCloud website on an Apple phone. Read on to know how in detail.

Methods to recover contact (CONTACT RECOVER). On Android phones, lost contacts can be recovered within 30 days. On iPhones, you can go to iCloud.com and back up your data or contacts. On Android and iPhone, there are two ways to recover lost contacts. In Android phones, most smartphone brands provide Google Phone and Google Contacts app by default.So let’s check how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone using Google Contacts app.

Once you have backed up and synced all your contacts in Google Contacts, there are two ways to recover lost contact from Android. One of them is using the Google Contacts app and the second method is using the Google Contacts website. However, the same Google ID that was used when the number was lost is also required for recovery.

Deleted contacts can be restored using the Google Contacts app. for this,• Open Google Contacts app (install this app from Play Store)• Tap on the hamburger menu (three lines on the top left)• Select Trash• A list of contacts you have deleted from your Google Account in the last 30 days will appear here.• Short tap on any contact you want to recover on your phone• Then, tap on the three dots at the top right.• Select “Recover” option.• After this, the contacts will be restored to your phone and your Google account.

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