This app is a one-stop solution and a must-have app for most of your RTO, vehicle information and automobile-based needs.

Vehicle Registration Details

How to find vehicle owner information? Just enter vehicle number to get over a dozen vehicle registration details including real owner name, age, registration date, insurance expiry, etc.

Challan Details

Get details of challans issued to any vehicle or driver just by using a vehicle (RC) or license number. Details include challan number, date of issue and payment status.

Profile Management

Download all your RC and licenses in your profile for quick access to all the details in case of urgency. You can also login to synchronize your searches in all of your devices.

Resale Value Calculator

Did you know a vehicle’s value falls nearly 20% of its initial value in the first year? Check the right market price for your used car or bike using our all-new resale value calculator. It takes in various parameters like make and mileage to give you a fair price for your car.

Fuel Price

Get daily updated prices of petrol and diesel from all cities of India. Petrol and Diesel prices are revised every day to ensure even a minute’s variation in global oil prices can be transmitted to fuel users.

The app gives following RTO vehicle registration information details by using vehicle number :

– Owner Name

– Age

– Engine Number

– Chassis Number

– Registration Date

– Registration City

– Model

– City

– State

– Get RTO vehicle details of the unclaimed vehicle parked just outside your gate for days

– Know which car your favourite celebrity owns

– Use recent searches tab to quickly view past results.

– Share vehicle information with friends on email, WhatsApp, Facebook with a single link.

– It works for all RTO vehicle types – cars, motorbikes, trucks, autos, just about everything!

Disclaimer: We are not related to any RTO authority of India. All details shown in the app about vehicle owners are publicly available on the Parivahan website. We are only acting as an intermediary platform to make this information available to users easily via the app.

How to check Vehicle Insurance Details :

1) Download Mobile Application

2) Enter Vehicle Number

3) Scroll Down & Click “Important Dates” Tab

4) Then you can see Insurance Details

How to check Fine Details :

1) Download Mobile Application

2) Enter Vehicle Number

3) Scroll Down & Click “Check Chellan” Tab

4) Then you can see all Fine Details

How to check Pollution Certificate Details :

1) Download Mobile Application

2) Enter Vehicle Number

3) Scroll Down & Click “Important Dates” Tab

4) Then you can see Pollution Certtificate Details



The Indian Premier League (IPL) IPL 2024 LIVE is the most popular cricket match. It is the premier 2020 cricket league in India. The match is 10 teams representing 10 different cities in India. The game was invented and started by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The 2024 Indian Premier League, also known as IPL 16 or, for sponsorship reasons, Tata IPL 2024, is the 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a professional Twenty20 cricket league established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. It is scheduled to be played between 22 March to 28 May 2023 across twelve different venues in India.


Chennai Super Kings

Delhi Capitals

Gujarat Titans

Kolkata Knight Riders

Lucknow Super Giants

Mumbai Indians

Punjab Kings

Rajasthan Royals

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Sunrisers Hyderabad

About the Sponsor Tata:

The Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai. Established in 1868, it is India’s largest conglomerate, with products and services in over 150 countries, and operations in 100 countries across six continents. Acknowledged as the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji Tata is sometimes referred to as the “father of Indian industry”.

Each Tata company operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors and shareholders. Philanthropic trusts control over 66% of the Tata holding company Tata Sons, while the Tata family is a very small shareholder.

The group’s annual revenue for fiscal year 2021–22 was reported to be US$128 billion. There are 29 publicly-listed Tata Group companies with a combined market capitalisation of $311 billion as of March 2022. The company has operations across Asia, Africa, America, and Middle East. Significant Tata Group affiliates include Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Consumer Products, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Voltas, Titan Company, Tanishq, Tata Chemicals, Tata Communications, Trent, Tata Elxsi, Indian Hotels Company, Air India, TajAir, Tata Cliq, Tata Advanced Systems, Tata Capital, Cromā, BigBasket and Tata Starbucks.

Match Schedule:

The 2024 Indian Premier League (also known as TATA IPL 2024 for sponsorship reasons and sometimes referred as IPL 2024 or IPL 17) is the upcoming 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a franchise Twenty20 cricket league in India. It is owned and operated by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
The season schedule will return to its original home and away format after a period of four years. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the previous three seasons were held at neutral venues. The league will organise “fan parks” in 45 cities, returning to an arrangement last used in 2019, and an opening ceremony will return.




Recitation and listening to the Quran is considered one of the most important acts of worship in Islam. The Quran is the holy book of Islam, and it is believed to be the word of Allah (God) as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

through the Angel Gabriel. Muslims believe that the Quran contains the guidance and teachings that are necessary for living a righteous life and attaining salvation in the hereafter.

Here are some reasons why Quran recitation and listening are important in Islam:

  • Spiritual Connection: Reciting and listening to the Quran helps to establish a spiritual connection with Allah. It is a way to remember Him, seek His forgiveness, and seek guidance from His words.
  • Source of Guidance: The Quran is considered the ultimate source of guidance for Muslims. Reciting and listening to it regularly can help Muslims understand the teachings of Islam and apply them in their daily lives.
  • Purification: Reciting the Quran is believed to purify the heart and soul of the reciter. It is a way to seek forgiveness for sins, and to remember Allah’s mercy and blessings.
  • Reward: It is believed that reciting and listening to the Quran carries great reward in the hereafter. Muslims believe that the more they recite and listen to the Quran, the greater their reward will be.
  • Protection: Reciting and listening to the Quran is also believed to provide protection from evil and harm. Muslims believe that the Quran has the power to ward off evil and protect them from the influence of Satan.

Overall, Quran recitation and listening are considered essential practices for Muslims. It is a way to establish a connection with Allah, seek guidance and forgiveness, and attain spiritual purification and reward in the hereafter.

Here complete Quran recitation audio is provided, you have to select the link you want to listen ⬇️

Juz 1









JUZ 10

JUZ 11

JUZ 12

JUZ 13

JUZ 14

JUZ 15

JUZ 16

JUZ 17

JUZ 18

JUZ 19

JUZ 20

JUZ 21

JUZ 22

JUZ 23

JUZ 24

JUZ 25

JUZ 26

JUZ 27

JUZ 28

JUZ 29

JUZ 30

Islamic Counter App is an intuitive and feature-rich Islamic counting app designed to facilitate spiritual practices and rituals for Muslims around the world. Whether you’re performing daily prayers, reciting Quranic verses, or engaging in other religious activities, Islami Counter Application is your reliable companion for keeping track of your counts and maintaining focus on your spiritual journey.

Key Features:

Custom Counting Modes: Islamic Counter  Application offers a variety of counting modes tailored to different Islamic practices. From Tasbih (prayer beads) counting to Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) repetition, the app provides customizable counters to suit your specific needs.

Versatile Counting Options: Users can choose between traditional manual counting by tapping on the screen or utilize the convenient auto-count feature for hands-free operation. This allows for seamless integration into various religious rituals without distractions.

Quranic Integration: Islami Counter Application incorporates a built-in Quranic module, allowing users to select specific verses or chapters for recitation. The app tracks the number of times each verse is recited, enabling users to focus on memorization or repetition goals.

Personalized Statistics: Keep track of your progress and spiritual accomplishments with detailed statistics and progress reports. Monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly counts to stay motivated and maintain consistency in your religious practices.

User-Friendly Interface: With a clean and intuitive interface, IslamiCounter is easy to navigate, making it suitable for users of all ages and technological proficiency levels. The app prioritizes simplicity and functionality to ensure a seamless user experience.

Offline Accessibility: Designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, IslamiCounter works offline, allowing users to engage in their spiritual practices without dependence on an internet connection. This ensures uninterrupted usage, even in areas with limited connectivity.

Customizable Themes and Settings: Personalize your counting experience with a range of themes and settings to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a light or dark mode, larger fonts for readability, or custom vibration patterns for tactile feedback, IslamiCounter offers flexibility to cater to individual needs.

Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an uninterrupted spiritual journey without distractions, as IslamiCounter is completely ad-free. Focus solely on your religious practices without interruptions from advertisements.

IslamiCounter is more than just a counting app; it’s a companion that empowers Muslims to enhance their spiritual connection and deepen their religious devotion. Whether you’re seeking assistance in prayer, Quranic recitation, or Dhikr, IslamiCounter is here to support and accompany you on your path of faith. Download now and embark on a fulfilling journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Download Links:

– Download on Android 

Discover the newest job opportunities at Apple Jobs in Dubai, UAE, USA, UK, and Canada.

Explore the latest career options with Apple as we share updated information on Apple employment. At Apple, our most valuable asset is our people—the core of our innovation. Apple’s benefits are designed to enhance the well-being of our employees and their families in meaningful and substantial ways.

Regardless of your location within Apple, you have access to our health and wellness resources as well as time-away programs. At every level of the company, we take pride in offering stock grants to employees. Additionally, we provide the option for employees to purchase Apple stock at a discounted rate. Both of these options ensure that everyone at Apple has the opportunity to partake in the company’s success.

Apply Now for Apple Jobs Careers!

In our pursuit of creating every product, we carefully consider the impact it will have—on our customers, our people, and our planet. That’s why we delve deeply into our supply chain, ensuring the protection of human rights for those who contribute to our products. We invest in education programs, providing people worldwide with the chance to unlock their potential. Our commitment extends to inclusivity, as we integrate assistive technology into all our products, making them accessible to individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, we take a pioneering role in the industry by actively working to minimize our impact on climate change, exploring the use of greener materials, and preserving the Earth’s valuable resources. Join Apple and be part of our commitment to positive global impact.Apple Jobs

Apple Jobs Vacancy Details

To apply for the latest NEOM Saudi Arabia Jobs, follow these steps:

Discover the most recent job opportunities at NEOM Saudi Arabia. Explore the latest careers within the Neom City Project. Apply for NEOM jobs from the updated list provided below on our website. Joining NEOM means becoming a part of a global community of top talents in various fields.

Employment at NEOM offers the unique opportunity to reside in the “new future” currently under construction—a multicultural community set amidst the breathtaking nature that transforms it into an extraordinary playground. Visionary minds and adventurous spirits are attracted by the prospect of making history, contributing to the creation of a groundbreaking place for the future from its very foundation.

Apply Now for Neom Saudi Arabia Jobs!

Explore vast opportunities across various sectors and industries in NEOM, set in a futuristic and innovative environment. NEOM provides career prospects spanning a wide array of industries, featuring development programs that encompass internships to coaching for senior staff. This approach empowers our diverse workforce to continually learn and flourish in this dynamic environment.Neom Saudi Arabia Jobs

Neom City Project Careers Detail

  • Company/Organization: NEOM
    • Job Location: Saudi Arabia
    • Nationality: Any
    • Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
    • Salary: Not Disclosed

Neom Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Job Title Location
Grants Management System Lead Saudi Arabia
HSE Lead – Solar Generation Saudi Arabia
HSE Inspector Saudi Arabia
Executive Principal Saudi Arabia
Economic Regulation Lead Saudi Arabia
HSEQ Officer Saudi Arabia
Manager – Corporate Finance Modelling Saudi Arabia
Recruitment Lead Saudi Arabia
Head Of Brand Saudi Arabia
Director – Distributed Energy Generation And Energy Efficiency Saudi Arabia
MYP Visual Art Teacher Saudi Arabia
MYP Science Teacher Saudi Arabia
Senior Manager, Water Regulation Saudi Arabia
Computer Aided Design Engineer Saudi Arabia
Individuals And Societies Teacher – IB History Saudi Arabia
Director, Data Protection Administration Saudi Arabia
ERI Project Lead Saudi Arabia
Sr. Territory Management Specialist Saudi Arabia
Social Media Operations Lead Saudi Arabia
Startup Attraction And Support Lead Saudi Arabia
Commercial Lawyer Senior Manager Saudi Arabia
Fire Safety Sr. Manager Saudi Arabia
Senior Manager Regulatory Saudi Arabia
Permitting Lead Saudi Arabia
University And Career Counselor Saudi Arabia
Recruitment Lead Saudi Arabia
Director Urban Planning Saudi Arabia


To apply for Neom Careers, follow these steps:

  1. Review the list of Neom Saudi Arabia Jobs provided above.
  2. Click on the specific job title that aligns with your designation or interest.
  3. You will be redirected to the official Neom Careers site.
  4. Explore the job details and requirements on the official website.
  5. Follow the application instructions provided on the Neom Careers site.
  6. Submit your application, ensuring you provide all necessary documents and information.

Best of luck with your application for Neom Careers!

I don’t have real-time access to external job listings. However, if you are interested in BMW Group Jobs in 2024, I recommend visiting the official BMW careers website or relevant job portals for the latest and most accurate job listings. Companies often update their official career pages with the most current openings and application details.

If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, feel free to let me know!

BMW Group is consistently seeking talent from diverse disciplines to bring their visions to life and propel automotive progress. They are on the lookout for innovative individuals who can contribute to addressing the key mobility challenges of our era. For those who share the passion for transforming the way the world moves, BMW Group offers incredibly exciting and rewarding careers that align with their ambitious goals. Joining BMW means becoming part of a team dedicated to making a positive impact on the future of mobility.

Explore BMW Group Careers in the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Whether in research, development, or production, an exhilarating work environment awaits professionals such as software developers, IT specialists, engineers, mechatronics engineers, and electrical engineers. Graduates from diverse disciplines, including business administration, law, and the arts, also play a valuable role in contributing to the success of the company. Join BMW Group for a fulfilling career defined by challenges, responsibilities, and rewards.

Diversity has been fundamental to our success for over a century, and it remains the driving force for the next century. Undoubtedly, the diversity of our people, their unique passions, and their collective commitment to shaping the future of mobility are what make BMW such a special and vibrant workplace.

As a diversified provider of future mobility services, today’s BMW Group transcends the conventional role of a vehicle manufacturer. Beyond traditional careers in design, engineering, production, sales, marketing, and logistics, we now boast a workforce comprising more software developers and scrum masters than many dotcoms, and more financial experts than numerous banks. This evolution reflects our commitment to embracing new technologies and expanding our expertise to meet the evolving demands of the modern automotive landscape.

BMW Job Vacancy Details

  • Company/Organization: BMW Group
    • Job Location: U.A.E, USA, UK, Canada & Germany
    • Nationality: Any
    • Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
    • Salary: Not Disclosed
    • Experience: Minimum 3 to 5 Years

BMW Group Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Job Title Location
Facility Main Spec-Fire Prot Badg System USA
Financial Analyst – Data Analytics USA
Sales Manager USA
Senior Accountant & Data Analyst USA
Inventory Project Lead Accountant USA
Emission Certification & Compliance Engineer USA
Vehicle Transportation Specialist USA
Merchandiser USA
Central Administrator & Financial Analyst USA
VDC Systems & Training Specialist USA
Sales Executive USA
VDC Data & Reporting Analyst USA
Sr Retail Strategy and Digital Specialist USA
Joint Venture Steering Business Manager USA
Intern, Warranty Processes and Reporting USA
Manager, Talent USA
Technical Training Operations Specialist USA
Accounting Specialist USA
Digital Product Owner USA
Senior Customer Experience Specialist – Luxury Class USA
Intern, Product Development – Infotainment USA
Technical Instructor/Developer USA
Business Steering and Digitalization Intern (Summer 2024) USA
Paint & Body Person USA
Intern, Marketing Customer Care & Knowledge Management USA
Income Tax Analyst USA
Senior CRM Specialist USA
Intern, Business Administration USA
Bespoke Project Engineer – Electrical UK
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Goodwood – Technical Planning – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
Information Security Manager UK
Project Accountant & Internal Control Manager UK
Underwriter – FTC UK
Customer Escalations Executive UK
Compliance Business Partner UK
BMW CRM Marketing Project Executive – FTC UK
Finance Controller (Investment) UK
Project Steerer & Personal Assistant (FTC) UK
BMW UK, Financial Services, Farnborough – Strategy Development – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
MINI Plant Oxford – Human Resource Management, Apprentice Training – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
MINI Plant Oxford – Maintenance Planning – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
MINI Plant Swindon – Maintenance Planning – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Goodwood – Manufacturing Engineering – 13 Month Placement (July 2024) UK
Compliance Analyst Canada
Senior Data Governance Specialist Canada
Sales and Commercial Finance Intern (12 months) Canada
Customer Experience Intern (12 months) Canada
BMW Motorrad Intern (12 months) Canada

To apply for BMW Group Careers, follow these steps:

  1. Review the list of BMW Group job vacancies provided above.
  2. Click on the specific job title that aligns with your designation or interest.
  3. You will be redirected to the official BMW Group careers site.
  4. Explore the job details and requirements on the official website.
  5. Follow the application instructions provided on the BMW Group careers site.
  6. Submit your application, ensuring you provide all necessary documents and information.

Make sure to tailor your application according to the specific job requirements, and best of luck with your application for BMW Group Careers!

If you are seeking opportunities for Shell jobs in the UAE, USA, Qatar, Oman, UK, and Canada, you’re in the right place.

We provide the latest Shell career openings through our job portal. Feel free to apply for various Shell job vacancies from the list provided below. Shell is a worldwide consortium of energy and petrochemical companies, boasting an average workforce of 86,000 employees spread across more than 70 countries. At the forefront of innovation, we employ advanced technologies to contribute to the development of a sustainable energy future. Shell’s operations are segmented into four distinct businesses: Upstream, Integrated Gas, New Energies, and Downstream.

Shell Careers 2024 – Apply Now

Explore exciting opportunities with Shell in 2024. The Shell Projects & Technology organization oversees the management of Shell’s major projects and drives research and innovation. Meanwhile, the Shell Upstream organization is responsible for the exploration and extraction of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids, along with marketing, transportation, and the operation of infrastructure for delivering them to market.

Shell Oil and Gas Job Benefits

Shell Jobs offer competitive compensation and benefits packages globally recognized as some of the best. For specific details on rewards and benefits in your country, visit the Shell website. Many locations provide subsidized services such as sports facilities, medical/dental care, and car parking. Additionally, in several countries, you have the opportunity to participate in a Shell Share program, allowing you to purchase shares of company stock at a discounted price.

Take the next step in your career with Shell – Apply Now!

Shell Oil and Gas Job Details

• Company/Organization: Shell
• Job Location: U.A.E, Oman, Qatar, USA, UK, Canada

• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
• Salary: Not Disclosed

Shell Job Vacancies 2024 – Apply Now

Job Title Location
Shell Graduate Programme 2023/2024 – Qatar Qatar
Petrophysicist Operations Oman
Maintenance Technician Oman
Completion Wells Supervisor Oman
Process Engineer USA
Workshop Technician USA
Industrial Hygienist Monaca USA
Process Technician USA
Marine Technician USA
Commercial Operator USA
Electrical Technician USA
Operations Support Analyst USA
Senior Market Risk Analyst, Products USA
Senior Market Risk Analyst USA
Master Mechanic USA
Reward and Job Evaluation Consultant USA
Portfolio Manager Americas Power Trading USA
Market Risk Operations Analyst USA
Catalyst Process Operator USA
Mechanical Facility Engineer USA
Power Deal Structurer – Europe UK
Quantitative Analyst CERT UK
European Gas/LNG Digital Analyst UK
Commercial Operator Freight UK
EIC Engineer UK
Commercial Operator Crude UK
Surveillance, QA & Systems Specialist UK
Senior Finance Advisor – Aberdeen UK
Job Openings: Power Fundamentals Team UK
Operations & Maintenance Technician (Penguins & Jackdaw) UK
Shell Assessed Internship Programme – May 2024 – Canada Canada
Commercial Scheduler Canada
Shell Graduate Programme 2024 – Canada Canada

To apply for Shell Careers, follow these steps:

  1. Review the list of Shell job vacancies provided above.
  2. Click on the specific job title that aligns with your designation or interest.
  3. You will be redirected to the official Shell careers site.
  4. Explore the job details and requirements on the official website.
  5. Follow the application instructions provided on the Shell careers site.
  6. Submit your application, ensuring you provide all necessary documents and information.

Best of luck with your application for Shell Careers!

Discover Gensler JOB in 2024 Career Opportunities in 2024.

Explore the latest job openings at Gensler listed through our careers portal. At Gensler, our approach to design revolves around people. Utilizing our global perspective and local presence, we innovate at various scales. More than just designers, we are a diverse team of tinkerers, craftspeople, visionaries, innovators, and thought leaders.

Driven by passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, our team brings forth fresh ideas to tackle complex challenges. Whether you enjoy sketching innovative concepts, strategizing architectural solutions, or cultivating client relationships on a global scale, there’s a place for everyone to thrive here.

Apply for Gensler JOB in 2024 Now!

Explore exciting career opportunities at Gensler, a worldwide architecture, design, and planning firm with a presence in 50 locations and a network of over 6,500 professionals across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Since its establishment in 1965, the firm has catered to over 3,500 active clients spanning virtually every industry. Gensler’s designers are dedicated to creating spaces that are more inspiring, resilient, and impactful for people in their places of living, working, and leisure. Join Gensler and be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of design and innovation.

Gensler Job Vacancy Details:

  • Company/Organization: Gensler
  • Job Location: U.A.E, Canada, Qatar, USA, UK
  • Nationality: Any
  • Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
  • Salary: Not Disclosed

Explore the diverse job opportunities with Gensler across various locations, including the U.A.E, Canada, Qatar, USA, and the UK. Open to individuals of any nationality, Gensler welcomes candidates with qualifications ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to diplomas and high school certifications. Salary details are not disclosed, but Gensler offers an environment where talent and innovation are valued. Take the next step in your career with Gensler and contribute to shaping the future of architecture, design, and planning.

Gensler Jobs 2024

Job Title Location
Marketing Specialist UAE
Landscape Architect UAE
Interior Architect UAE
Marketing Manager UAE
Studio Director Saudi Arabia
Technical Designer – Junior USA
Account Assistant USA
Architect – Junior USA
Technical Designer – Junior USA
Design Analyst (Design Strategist Development Program) – United States USA
Landscape Architect USA
Architect – Critical Facilities – Senior USA
Account Manager UK
Interior Designer – Hospitality – Senior UK
Payroll Specialist – UK UK
Studio Coordinator UK
Design Analyst (Design Strategist Development Program) – UK and Canada UK
Brand Designer UK
Experience Strategist UK
Architect – Hospitality UK
Interior Designer – Hospitality – Senior UK
Design Manager – Retail UK
Hospitality Lead UK
Technical Designer – Junior Canada
Architect – Junior Canada
Payroll Supervisor – North America Canada
Designer – Retail – Senior Canada
Design Manager/Project Manager – Workplace – Senior Canada
Design Analyst (Design Strategist Development Program) – UK and Canada Canada
Design Manager – Lifestyle – Senior Canada
Technical Designer – Mid Level Canada
Project Architect – Aviation – Senior Canada
Architect – Cities – Senior Canada
Design Director – Workplace Canada
Technical Designer – Automotive Retail Travel Consultant Canada
Specifications Leader Canada

To apply for Gensler Careers, follow these steps:

  1. Review the list of Gensler job vacancies above.
  2. Click on the job title that corresponds to your designation or interest.
  3. You will be redirected to the official career website of Gensler.
  4. Explore the job details, requirements, and application process on the Gensler career portal.
  5. Follow the instructions provided on the official website to submit your application.

Make sure to tailor your application according to the specific job requirements and provide all necessary documents and information. Best of luck with your application to join Gensler!

Discover the Newest SATORP Opportunities:

Explore the most recent Employment at SATORP in Saudi Arabia careers in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Take advantage of the chance to apply for Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical jobs listed below, which are regularly updated on our website.

SATORP is committed to empowering artisans and craftsmen entrepreneurs, ensuring the sustainability and success of their businesses. We offer essential financial support, coupled with comprehensive training, development programs, and the necessary tools. This holistic approach aims to foster the growth and advancement of their enterprises.

Explore Job Employment at SATORP in Saudi Arabia Total Refining and Petrochemical (SATORP):

SATORP is actively seeking individuals with talent, potential, and a strong determination to succeed. In return, SATORP is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to help you navigate challenges and reach your professional aspirations. Recognizing that employee satisfaction is crucial for business success, SATORP offers enticing incentives to maximize productivity.

SATORP, a world-class refinery, commenced operations in June 2014. The Jubail Refinery, known for its environmentally friendly practices, specializes in producing a significant portion of white products from heavy crude oil. Renowned for its advanced technology, this refinery stands among the most sophisticated in the world. Join SATORP and be part of a dynamic team contributing to the forefront of refining excellence.

The collaboration between Saudi Aramco and TOTAL is a global alliance characterized by exceptional expertise in refining and petrochemicals, robust financial capabilities, and a strategic commitment to the industry. Both companies boast a remarkable legacy of success in the execution and operation of refining projects.

Details of SATORP Job Opportunities:

  • Company/Organization: SATORP | Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company
  • Job Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • Nationality: Any
  • Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
  • Salary: Not Disclosed

Explore and Apply for SATORP Jobs in 2024 – Seize the Opportunity Now!

SATORP Job Openings – Exciting Opportunities Await!

Explore the diverse range of career opportunities at SATORP, a leading player in the refining and petrochemical industry. Here are some of the current job vacancies:

  1. SATORP Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

    Job Title Location
    Data & Analytics Analyst Saudi Arabia
    Architecture Specialist Saudi Arabia
    QA/QC Engineer Saudi Arabia
    Senior Infrastructure Analyst Saudi Arabia
    Procurement Analyst Saudi Arabia
    Vendor Relations & Logistics Supervisor Saudi Arabia
    Logistics Assistant Saudi Arabia
    Contract Specialist Saudi Arabia
    Safety Inspector Saudi Arabia
    ID and Sticker Officer II Saudi Arabia
    Maintenance Technician Saudi Arabia
    Sr.Contract Analyst Saudi Arabia
    Corrosion Engineer Saudi Arabia
    Procurement Analyst – SMP Contractor Saudi Arabia
    Cyber Security Specialist Saudi Arabia
    Senior Process Safety Engineer Saudi Arabia
    Process Control Engineer Saudi Arabia
    Corporate Planning Specialist Saudi Arabia

How to Apply for SATORP Careers? To apply for SATORP job vacancies, simply click on the respective job title above that matches your designation. You will be directed to the official SATORP Careers site for the application process.

Benefits and Rewards of SATORP Jobs:

  1. Attractive Base Salary
  2. Housing Allowance
  3. Transportation Allowance
  4. Working Hours: 40 Hours/Week
  5. Annual Leave: 30 Days (G9-) 38 Days (G10+)
  6. Medical Insurance


  1. 13th Month Allowance
  2. Vacation Allowance: 70% of Salary
  3. Round Trip Ticket (Expatriate)
  4. Home Ownership Program (Saudi)
  5. One Time Furniture Allowance (Saudi)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join SATORP and contribute to a dynamic and rewarding career in the energy sector. Apply now and take the next step in your professional journey!