The Nimba is one of the sculptures that inspired Pablo Picasso during the 1900 World Expo in France.

Dubai – March 29, 2022: As the curtain descends on the Expo 2020 Dubai with the end of this month, the West African nation Republic of Guinea is witnessing a huge flock of visitors seeking a glimpse of sculpture Nimba and sit on the “Throne of Prosperity” for good luck displayed at its pavilion in the Sustainability District.

The original statue of Nimba, the symbol of fertility, is stationed along with the “Throne of Prosperity” at the pavilion entrance. The two sculptures characteristic of Guinean art adorning the entrance greet the visitors even before stepping through the pavilion doors.   

The Nimba, hailed as a universal mother figure, is one of the sculptures that inspired Pablo Picasso during the 1900 World Expo in France. The lavish headdress, which is unique in African art, is one of the most attractive objects within African legends. The wooden artwork belongs to Guinea’s Baga ethnic people living in the most western parts of the African continent. 

Commenting on the visitors flocking to the pavilion, Fatoumata Conde, Deputy Commissioner General of Guinea Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “Guineans and several other West African communities have traditionally believed that Nimba has brought us luck and prosperity through centuries. That is why Nimba is considered our treasured national symbol.”  

Speaking from an aesthetic point of view, she added, “The dynamic and imaginative sculptural form of the Nimba, as well as the surreal and expressive symbolism, provide it with an extraordinary attraction. Nimba is a mystery belonging to Guinea legends, and its crest and beak symbolize power.” 

According to Fatoumata Conde, Nimba is assumed to represent abundance, luck and fertility. “Guinea’s rice harvestENDING festivals present Nimba in their dance ceremonies in order to procure the fertility of the fields and luck for the harvesting season. The dancer carried it on his shoulders, holding the piece by its front legs, while his whole body was adorned in a costume made of vegetal fibers. The Nimba has been going around for hundreds of years in West Africa,” she remarked. 

Since the opening of the Expo 2020 Dubai, Guinea held many large and small social and business events in the quest of cementing business relations between the nation and governments as well as private and public sectors of several countries.


Special Day also witnessed many cultural events:-

Dubai, March 29: Norris Mairami hosts the Spring Equinox Day celebrations at the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan at World Expo 2020.
As part of the festivities, cultural events were organized for the guests of the exhibition with the participation of artists from the folk groups ‘Akhjellen’ and ‘Tarlan’ as well as the dance groups ‘Orda’ and ‘Nass’.
In front of the pavilion, a circular wooden hut was erected for the holidays. There was a theatrical presentation that reflected the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. Apart from this, he also cooked Kazakh and Oriental dishes for the guests in the pavilion. Visitors praised Kazakhstan’s delicious traditional dishes, such as Boerzakz and Norris Kozhe. Popular Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaiberjan visited the pavilion. In the presence of Dimash, winner of the International Music Award from Kazakhstan, the pavilion featured folk art performances and a concluding exhibition of acrobatics and robotics elements representing human and artificial intelligence (AI) interaction.
“The atmosphere at the Norris Myramy celebration was very welcoming to the guests at the pavilion,” said Alan Chaijunusov, general commissioner of Kazakhstan’s national section at Expo 2020.
For us, this celebration is also about unity. It is equally important for everyone living in Kazakhstan. “The opportunity to celebrate such a great occasion is a testament to the hospitality, kindness and goodwill of Kazakhstan,” he said.
On February 20, the Kazakhstan pavilion was visited by one million visitors. An average of 8,000 people visit the pavilion every day.
‘Picture of the World’ is an art project
The main attraction of the pavilion. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most brushes.
In addition to the tourism interest, the pavilion also has high business interest from international business circles. Over the course of six months, the Kazakhstan Pavilion hosted more than 30 business events, including conferences, forums, B2B meetings, and projects on the country’s investment, tourism potential, and science and education initiatives.